Account Rates
Loan Rates


Effective January 20, 2005

Savings Account Fees
Fee Amount
NSF Returned Check
$15.00 per item
Redeposit Second Party Returned Item
$5.00 per item
Below Minimum Balance After 36 Months
$.50 per month
Abandoned Account Research Fee
$5.00 each six months
Share balance below $75 AND Dormant for 24 Months (age 19 and older)
$1.50 per 3 months
Share Draft Account Fees
Fee Amount
NSF Returned Check
$15.00 per item
Redeposit Returned Item
$5.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer
$2.00 per item
Stop Payment
$3.00 per item
Multiple Stop Pays
$15.00 Max per day
Copy of Draft
$2.00 per item
Checking Printing Fee
Varies According To Style
Miscellaneous Service Fees
Fee Amount
Special Statement
$1.00 per month
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing - USA)
$18.00 per item
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing - Foreign)
$50.00 per item
Account Reconciliation
$10.00 per hour
Money Order Fee
$1.00 each
Certified Check - Made Out To Member Only
1 Free per day
Certified Check - Other
$2.00 each
Travelers Check - Single Signature
$1.00 per hundred
Travelers Check - Dual Signature
$1.50 per hundred
Club Account Early Withdrawals/Closings
Telephone Teller / Internet Account Access & Direct Deposit
(No Fees)
Bill Payment
Fee Amount
One Time Startup Fee
Monthly Charge for 1st 10 transactions per Month
Additional Charge for extra transactions per Month
$.30 per transaction/month
Stop Payment Fee
ATM Fees
Fee Amount
Deposit on a SHARE SYSTEM® ATM
Balance Inquiry on any Foreign ATM
$1.00 each
Reissue PIN Number From Our Office
$2.00 each
Card Reissue Fee
$2.00 each
Card Replacement Fee
$5.00 each
HOT CARD (Revoked ATM Card) Fee
$5.00 each
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
$15.00 each
A Rate & Fee Schedule is available upon request.
**Please note that all rates and dividends are subject to change without notice.